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Jennifer Kronovet

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Jennifer Kronovet

Jennifer Kronovet is the author of two poetry collections, including, her most recent, The Wug Test (Ecco Press, 2016). She is the editor of Circumference Books, a press for poetry in translation, and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Whorf worked in insurance, studied the causes of fires in the files: faulty wiring, lack of air spaces, a problem of materials. 

Additional patterns emerged: Workers took great care around gasoline drums, but not around empty gas drums. 

Empty: put your hand in there. Can
She had emigrated to New York when she wrote my hands, and I was in New York again again looking at my hands when I typed my hands. She wrote two little bits of my body on the next line. She had children at this point. I typed the words in English on the next line and didn’t
The boy is interested in black holes 
because he doesn’t know how to say
death death death. Just, infinite dark. 
Event horizon. Singularity. The boy
teaches me how to mouth the absence 
I won’t imagine—the dark keeps going
without time so it can’t hold words. 
One of us will