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Jennifer Atkinson

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Jennifer Atkinson is the author of five poetry collections: The Thinking Eye (Parlor Press, 2015); Canticle of the Night Path (Parlor Press, 2012), winner of the New Measure Poetry Prize; Drift Ice (Etruscan Press, 2008); The Drowned City (Northeastern University Press, 2000), selected by Carl Phillips as the winner of the 1999 Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize; and Dogwood Tree (University of Alabama Press, 1990). She teaches in the MFA and BFA programs at George Mason University.

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As hollow as a gutted fish, a hole in the sand,
a cistern cracked along the seam—

There is no filling such emptiness. And yet—

Stitch it shut. Pour and pour, if you wish. Wish and wish, but it’s wasted—
Water carried to the garden in your cupped palms.