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jayy dodd

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jayy dodd

jayy dodd was born in Los Angeles, California. dodd is the author of Mannish Tongues (Platypus Press, 2017). The recipient of a 2017 Lambda Literary Fellowship, they served as a coeditor of Bettering American Poetry.

by this poet

you cannot read what you do not collect
the rain came in algidity after
suffocating heat still the ravaging of
marow is worth it tendons swollen &
seasoned with need madness is always
a hunger                                           that i
am even able to eat is its own feat
i have learned to swallow
when i show you the illicit
behind a fiberoptic veil—
obstruction is a kind of foreplay.
yes—this is an intentional seduction.

this behind is a fiberoptic veil
i build an economy on anything i can.
yes—this intentional seduction
is suppose to be a delight.

build this economy on anything i can’t.
my taste is