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Gretchen Steele Pratt

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Gretchen Steele Pratt

Gretchen Steele Pratt received her MFA from Purdue University. Her poetry collection, One Island (Anhinga Press, 2011), received the 2009 Robert Dana Prize for Poetry. She teaches at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Enough to have heard there was once a Venetian glass chandelier
So large, so ornate, of the lightest soda glass, arabesques of leaves

Fired onto its many arms, so elaborate and delicate the only way


On the Outer Banks in the early 1900s, a migratory sand dune, several stories high, engulfed the small fishing village of Seagull. Two churches, the post office, thirty-five homes, and the one-room schoolhouse were consumed by the dune.


Teacher is building a shack of driftwood, building it