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Gregory Sherl

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Gregory Fraser is the author of Designed for Flight (Northwestern University Press, 2014); Answering the Ruins (Northwestern University Press, 2008); and Strange Pietà (Texas Tech University Press, 2005). He teaches at the University of West Georgia.

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for Maple

She called to say she lost it. She wasn't pregnant long enough for the leaves to go crisp, toasted almost brown. They were still gold, still burning themselves orange. I don't understand I said out loud & between the joints in my fingers. We should call the


What is there left to do during a truce, but look at boys
swinging swords at the trunks of trees?
You reach into the sky & pull down a phonograph,
& we listen to the helium in the stars. Your hands
are clean air & that’s worth repeating, but the clouds
are mad. What more than