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Greg Delanty

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Greg Delanty is the author of several books of poetry, including Book Seventeen (Louisiana State University Press, 2015), Loosestrife (Fomite Press, 2011), and The Ship of Birth (Louisiana State University Press, 2007). He is the recipient of the Austin Clarke Award, the Allen Dowling Poetry Fellowship, a Guggenheim Grant, and the Patrick Kavanagh Award, among others. He is the poet in residence at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont.

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I'm back again scrutinizing the Milky Way
          of your ultrasound, scanning the dark			   			              	
                    matter, the nothingness, that now the heads say
          is chockablock with quarks & squarks,
gravitons & gravitini, photons & photinos. Our sprout,
who art
Let there be a ban on every holiday.

        No ringing in the new year.

No fireworks doodling the warm night air.

        No holly on the door. I say

let there be no more.

        For many are not here who were here before.