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Geri Doran

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Geri Doran

Born in northwestern Montana in 1966, Geri Doran was educated at Vassar College, Cambridge University, the University of Florida, and Stanford University.

She is the author of Resin, which was selected by Henri Cole for the 2004 Walt Whitman Award and published by Louisiana State University Press in 2005.

Of her work, Henri Cole writes, "Geri Doran transforms the viscous substance of life into the amber liquid of poetry. Her poems—intelligent, restrained, sorrowful—appear engraved by a master’s hand."

Her awards include a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in Poetry from Stanford University, the Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship, and fellowships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and Literary Arts.

by this poet

My story begins at sea, in the bitter liquid.
If not, it would begin in Florida, along I-95
in the circular drive of a circular, lime-green motel.
But I have selected the sea, and you must

trust me on this. Truly terrible stories
begin in navigational error, a slight misreading
of the sight that sets the crew