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Fred Marchant

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Fred Marchant is the author of four poetry collections: The Looking House (Graywolf Press, 2009); House on Water, House in Air (Dedalus Press, 2002); Full Moon Boat (Graywolf Press, 2000); and Tipping Point (The Word Works, 1993), winner of the 1993 Washington Prize. His honors also include a Commemoration Medal for the Advancement of the Arts and Literature in Vietnam. He is professor emeritus of English at Suffolk University.

by this poet


when my laptop opens to a small red car
a tight street in Jenin gray-yellow dust
an electric window half-open and five
lean-to cards where on each a number
denotes a round spent or the place where
it began to travel at the speed of its idea
while by an open car door the blood pools

The door you come through slams shut before the door you go to opens.
A last stopping place, a once-over from the guard behind his tinted glass.
Your pockets are empty, wristwatch in the locker, with wallet and change. 
Two pens, a notebook, a wish to act normal, and show you threaten no one. 
It is completely