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Frannie Lindsay

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Frannie Lindsay is the author of four collections of poetry: Our Vanishing (Red Hen Press, 2014); winner of the 2012 Benjamin Saltman Award; Mayweed (The Word Works, 2010); Lamb (Perugia Press, 2006); and Where She Always Was (Utah State University Press, 2004), winner of the May Swenson Award. Her other honors include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Lindsay lives in Massachusetts.

by this poet

When I got it wrong at school—missed
a word, could not recite
the long division tables—I would lock
my knees beneath my little plywood desk
in back where all the tall ones sat,
and sneak my uniform sleeve up
and bite down on my forearm, make myself
keep quiet, doing that, not
crying; gnashing hard with my gapped