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Farid Matuk

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Farid Matuk

Farid Matuk is the author of This Is a Nice Neighborhood (Letter Machine Editions, 2010) and My Daughter La Chola (Ahsahta Press, 2013). His book The Real Horse is forthcoming from the University of Arizona Press in February 2018. He currently serves as a poetry editor for Fence and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

by this poet

Difficult once I've said things 

to know them this morning

the lights above the tollway all off 

at exactly 7:36

all "we took our yellow from the pewter sky."

But we have so many 

things!   Stories

about our diction, the leather couch

some trees and our ages.

What about all the rooms the sky makes—
like the shapes we made in the things we said were demanding of us
now you ask me why the sky is a tank full of lemonade out back 
all wet tonight and bugs call up a swamp in this desert in my story 

will she be closer to the falling away of the gaze of things than others?
hands on the water she calls scene setting
hands on the table water over the houses and hills swimming
not the ocean or the sea but the frame of time she'll tell of
wild happy yeses in her hands
she bites through in