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Emily Hunerwadel

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Emily Hunerwadel

Emily Hunerwadel is the author of Professional Crybaby (Poetry Society of America, 2018), selected by Kyle Dargan as the winner of a 2017 Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. Hunerwadel is the managing editor of Slope Editions and media editor of jubilat. She lives in Western Massachusetts.

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I think a lot about the character everybody wanted to put babies inside of
a lot about cracked statues recovered satellites

I think a lot about voyager
I think a lot about gold
I think a lot about that thing the fork is going into

Are you ever the thing the


She’s saying
I wish there could be a metaphorical
investigative committee
and I’m saying
therapy or a priest?

and, behind us,
the excellence of bright children

and, on our walk home,
the left glove

and I’m saying
I’m fueled by kissing and crimes


I have this disease. It involves perching at parties like some dark owl and slowly shifting into a circling vulture. But I've cracked a couple things like bones against a cliff. For one, every body is a capsule—a collection of lighters, lucky pennies, and pocket lint. And two, there’s