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Eloise Greenfield

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Eloise Greenfield is the author of over thirty children’s books, many of which use poetry to tell stories about the African-American experience. Her most recent books include In the Land of Words (Amistad Press, 2016), Brothers & Sisters (Amistad Press, 2008), and Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems (HarperCollins, 2003). Her awards include the Carter G. Woodson Book Award from the National Council for the Social Studies, the Coretta Scott King Award, the Foundation for Children’s Literature Hope S. Dean Award, the 1997 NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children, and the 1990 Recognition for Merit Award from the George G. Stone Center for Children’s Books, among others. She lives in Washington, D.C.

by this poet


In the land
of words,
I stand as still
as a tree,
and let the words
rain down on me.
Come, rain, bring
your knowledge and your
music.   Sing
while I grow green 
and full.
I'll stand as still 
as a tree,
and let your blessings
fall on me
Harriet Tubman didn't take no stuff
Wasn't scared of nothing neither
Didn't come in this world to be no slave
And wasn't going to stay one either

"Farewell!" she sang to her friends one night
She was mighty sad to leave 'em
But she ran away that dark, hot night
Ran looking for her freedom
She ran to the woods