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Effie Waller Smith

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Effie Waller Smith

Effie Waller Smith, born January 6, 1879, is the author of Rosemary and Pansies (Gorham Press, 1909), Rhymes from the Cumberland (Broadway Publishing Company, 1904), and Songs of the Month (Broadway Publishing Company, 1904). She died on January 2, 1960.

by this poet

"I have no time for those things now," we say;
"But in the future just a little way,
No longer by this ceaseless toil oppressed,
I shall have leisure then for thought and rest.
When I the debts upon my land have paid,
Or on foundations firm my business laid,
I shall take time for discourse long and sweet
In a churchyard old and still, 
Where the breeze-touched branches thrill 
              To and fro, 
Giant oak trees blend their shade 
O'er a sunken grave-mound, made 
              Long ago. 

No stone, crumbling at its head, 
Bears the mossed name of the dead 
              Graven deep; 
But a myriad blossoms