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Ed Falco

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Ed Falco

Ed Falco is the author of Wolf Moon Blood Moon, forthcoming from Lousiana State University Press in December 2017. A recipient of The Southern Review’s Robert Penn Warren Prize in Poetry, Falco has also received fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, among others, for his novels, plays, and collected stories. He teaches in the MFA in program at Virginia Tech and lives in Blacksburg, Virginia.

by this poet

The words we use to instill a sense of the ineffable
Carry us on a journey that’s mysterious
As if your car makes a sudden left turn and accelerates
A child in the road leaps into her mother’s embrace
A deer becomes a child and you hit the brakes
The panjandrum in the driver’s seat this befuddled guy
At the
We were crossing a wide beach toward a blacktop parking lot.
I forget now who I was with or where we were going the year
The details of that particular beach vacation that summer break.
Morning not long after sunrise the day already hot.

In the parking lot six women wrestled a package of sorts
Emerged from the
This morning’s raucous quiet: din of a lawnmower
     Pulse-like swell of cicadas chattering in the brush
           Trucks grumbling along a nearby highway.
Under a sea of high thin clouds, a sheer ocean of sky
     The dead are islands: an archipelago