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David Groff

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David Groff is the author of Clay (Trio House Press, 2013), winner of the Louise Bogan Award for Artistic Merit and Excellence, and Theory of Devolution (University of Illinois Press, 2002), which was chosen by Mark Doty for the National Poetry Series. He teaches at the City College of New York.

by this poet


Bolt, thwarted vault, late brake,
gasp of impact, temblor of thud—
the beast drops on the blade of hood,
ribs rip from their roots, hearts seize,
the windshield goes dark as an eyelid
curtaining to a horizon of blood,
black glass laced with lightning—

I am hit with wheel, steel,

Not the poet—though yes,
a poet, aspiring. Old. 
At Big Cup he regards us
slickened with testosterone,
his eyes entertained.  
Though his full hair helps him 
seem a youth in drag	
save for the swags of his neck, 
he can’t but help present
himself as age itself, 		
a brand of birthmark
we think we won’t accrue