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Ana Božičević

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Ana Božičević
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Ana Božičević is the author of Rise in the Fall (Birds, LLC, 2013), winner of the 2014 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry, and Stars of the Night Commute (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2009). She teaches at Baruch College and lives in New York City.

by this poet

I woke up real early to write about death (the lake through the trees) from
the angle of the angel. There's the kind of angel that when I say
Someone please push me out of the way
Of this bad poem like it was a bus.—well, it comes running &
tackles me and oh, it's divine football—Or
in the dream when
Skinny dirt road
In the middle of the ocean.
That led to the house of art.
I took it. The engine nearly
Drowned. I lied that it was fun
That I'd do it again. When I got to
That shore
The house was gone and when
I looked back, so was the path.
Now I'm old. Drown in my bed
A thousand miles inland.
For years I

I never want to get any
More new things.
I wanna wear out these shoes white
And walk on the rug till it's perfectly
To wear the shoes dark
Walking on an abyss that's been worn out
The shoes carry me,
I can’t help it,
I fly above the desert with no name