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Albert Bigelow Paine

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Albert Bigelow Paine was born on July 10, 1861, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Known for his close connection with Mark Twain, he was the author of the four-volume Mark Twain: A Biography (Harper & Brothers, 1912), as well as several travel books, children’s books, and other biographies. A member of the Pulitzer Prize Committee, he was also awarded the title of Chevalier in the French government’s Legion of Honor.  He died on April 9, 1937.

by this poet

The long, gray moss that softly swings
   In solemn grandeur from the trees,
   Like mournful funeral draperies,--
A brown-winged bird that never sings.

A shallow, stagnant, inland sea,
   Where rank swamp grasses wave, and where
   A deadliness lurks in the air,--
A sere leaf falling silently.

The death-like