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“When I was young, I wrote a lot about death, but since middle age has brought me closer to death, I find myself writing about time. I don’t know if this change represents maturity or cowardice, but as ‘Time Passes’ suggests, over the decades, time and I have grown together. Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I can’t tell us apart.”
Joy Ladin

Time Passes

Time too is afraid of passing, is riddled with holes
through which time feels itself leaking.
Time sweats in the middle of the night
when all the other dimensions are sleeping.
Time has lost every picture of itself as a child.
Now time is old, leathery and slow.
Can’t sneak up on anyone anymore,
Can’t hide in the grass, can’t run, can’t catch.
Can’t figure out how not to trample
what it means to bless.

Copyright © 2015 by Joy Ladin. Used with permission of the author.

Copyright © 2015 by Joy Ladin. Used with permission of the author.

Joy Ladin

Joy Ladin

Joy Ladin is the author of Impersonation (Sheep Meadow Press, 2015).

by this poet


They’re reading Tarot cards right now,
in the little pink house with the sign in the yard.
Shadows spider across still-green lawn
whose fate, so far, defies the frosts.

Someone asks the right question,
draws the right card.
Many cups in the immediate future;
radiance pouring down