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Songs of a Girl

God, planting Eden,	
Dropped, by mistake, a seed	
In Time’s neighbor-plot,	
That grew to be
This hour?	
You and I picked up Life and looked at it curiously;	
We did not know whether to keep it for a plaything or not.	
It was beautiful to see, like a red firecracker,	
And we knew, too, that it was lighted.
We dropped it while the fuse was still burning …	
I am going to die too, flower, in a little while—	
Do not be so proud.	
The sun is dying	
On an island	
In the bay.	
Close your eyes, poppies—	
I would not have you see death.	
You are so young!
The sun falls	
Like a drop of blood	
From some hero.	
Who love pain,
Delight in this.

This poem is in the public domain.

This poem is in the public domain.

Mary Carolyn Davies