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Since 1996, we’ve been providing online resources to teachers to help them bring poetry to the classroom. Here you’ll find poetry lesson plans, essays about teaching, a glossary of poetry terms, and more. And our lesson plans, most of which are aligned with the Common Core, have been reviewed by our Educator in Residence with an eye toward developing skills of perception and imagination. 

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Celebrating National Poetry Month in the Classroom

April is National Poetry Month! Here are some ways to join the celebration (and take a look at this list of 30 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month in the classroom for more):

If you haven't already, sign up to receive a free copy of this year’s National Poetry Month poster, designed by Paula Scher.

Invite your students to participate in the Dear Poet Project by writing letters in response to videos of our award-winning Chancellors reading their work. We will consider all letters for publication online in May 2018, and our Chancellors will reply to select letters of their choosing.

Take a look at these poems about reading and writing, these lesson plans for introducing poetry, and different poets’ definitions of the word poetry.

Save the date for this year's Poem in Your Pocket Day. On April 26, people across North America will carry poems to share with others throughout the day. Download a packet of poems for the occasion and learn how to bring Poem in Your Pocket Day to schools, bookstores, libraries, public spaces, and on Twitter (with the hashtag #pocketpoem).

Share your activities with us on social media with the hashtag #NationalPoetryMonth.

For National Library Week, read this selection of poems about libraries, librarians, and the joys of reading.

For Earth Day on April 22, browse these poems about nature and these lesson plans about the environment.


Poetry in the Classroom Calendar

Take a look at our brand-new Poetry in the Classroom Calendar, a downloadable, interactive PDF designed to inspire ideas for teaching poetry throughout each month, with links to related lesson plans, activities, and other resources.

Poetry in the Classroom Calendar

Teach This Poem

Teach This Poem is a weekly series featuring a poem from our online poetry collection, accompanied by interdisciplinary resources and activities designed to help K-12 teachers quickly and easily bring poetry into the classroom.


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lesson plans

lesson plan
Submitted by 826 National
lesson plan
Teach This Poem is a weekly series featuring a poem from our online poetry
lesson plan
Produced for K-12 educators, Teach This Poem features one poem a week from our

on teaching poetry

on teaching poetry
With a special introduction by Education Ambassador Richard Blanco, this brief
on teaching poetry
Poetry is so much about the play of language leading one to see things in a new
on teaching poetry
Poet Timothy Yu makes a case for including poetry in the teaching of Asian