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The Academy of American Poets presents lesson plans, most of which align with Common Core State Standards, and all of which have been reviewed by our Educator in Residence with an eye toward developing skills of perception and imagination. We hope they will inspire the educators in our community to bring even more poems into your classrooms!



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Elementary School Walt Whitman, Poet and Keen Observer Lesson
Elementary School The Immigrant Experience Unit
Elementary School Life-Size Board Game! Lesson
Elementary School Brain Spelunking Unit
Elementary School Poet-to-Poet: "The Owl" by Arthur Sze Unit
Elementary School Smell This Story, Taste This Poem Unit
Elementary School There’s Poetry in an Atom: Writing Creatively About Science Unit
Elementary School Letter Poems Deliver: Experimenting with Line Breaks in Poetry Writing Unit
Elementary School Guerilla Poetry Lesson
Elementary School On Marilyn Nelson's My Seneca Village Unit