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Further Adventures in Monochrome




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Further Adventures in Monochrome by John Yau
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In this substantial volume, Yau explores identity and personal mythology through various lenses. Perhaps it is telling that in Yau's poem "After Meng Hao-Jan" he writes, "I do not speculate about ceaseless wonders...Occasionally I go out and see if I might / Find another remote and insubstantial form." Indeed, Yau pushes language through many forms and tonal shifts in this collection, including a section that is confessional and domestic, the fascinating serial poem: "Genghis Khan: Private Eye," a section titled "Exhibits" which catalogues aphoristic phrases, and a section on the monochromatic painter, Yves Klein. From "The Missing Portrait (2)"

     Where does one go to contemplate a reflection of a reflection
     This mirror held up to the sky, and the sky offering its mirror
     He dreamed he was becoming a word written in a book
     Burning pages rushed to greet him
     It is raining outlined in cadmium red

This book review originally appeared in American Poets.

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