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Apr 05 2018

Several cities across the United States, including Miami, Philadelphia, and San Antonio, are celebrating National Poetry Month this April with almost daily events. The Academy of American Poets, the New York City-based creator and producer of National Poetry Month, is also encouraging city residents to join in celebrating poets and poetry.

Mar 30 2018

When the Academy of American Poets created and launched National Poetry Month in April 1996, it couldn’t have predicted that its signature program would inspire events in all fifty states, becoming the nation’s largest literary celebration. The annual initiative both introduces young readers to poetry and creates an opportunity for teachers, librarians, booksellers, poetry organizations, and poets themselves to showcase the importance of reading and supporting poetry year-round. Today, National Poetry Month remains the Academy of American Poets’ special contribution to the art of poetry in the United States, and it is pleased to announce the following activities, initiatives, and resources for this year’s celebration.

Mar 29 2018

The Academy of American Poets is pleased to announce that Joy Harjo has selected Emily Skaja as the recipient of the 2018 Walt Whitman Award, the nation’s most valuable first-book prize for a poet

Mar 29 2018

The Academy of American Poets is pleased to announce a new partnership with News-2-You for National Poetry Month.