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by Witter Bynner

Outside hove Shasta, snowy height on height,	 
A glory; but a negligible sight,	 
For you had often seen a mountain-peak	 
But not my paper. So we came to speak...	 
A smoke, a smile,—a good way to commence
The comfortable exchange of difference!	 
You a young engineer, five feet eleven,	 
Forty-five chest, with football in your heaven,	 
Liking a road-bed newly built and clean,	 
Your fingers hot to cut away the green
Of brush and flowers that bring beside a track	 
The kind of beauty steel lines ought to lack,—	 
And I a poet, wistful of my betters,	 
Reading George Meredith's high-hearted letters,	 
Joining betweenwhile in the mingled speech
Of a drummer, circus-man, and parson, each	 
Absorbing to himself—as I to me	 
And you to you—a glad identity!	 
After a time, when others went away,	 
A curious kinship made us choose to stay,
Which I could tell you now; but at the time	 
You thought of baseball teams and I of rhyme,	 
Until we found that we were college men	 
And smoked more easily and smiled again;	 
And I from Cambridge cried, the poet still:
"I know your fine Greek theatre on the hill	 
At Berkeley!" With your happy Grecian head	 
Upraised, "I never saw the place," you said—	 
"Once I was free of class, I always went	 
Out to the field."
Young engineer, you meant	 
As fair a tribute to the better part	 
As ever I did. Beauty of the heart	 
Is evident in temples. But it breathes	 
Alive where athletes quicken curly wreaths,
Which are the lovelier because they die.	 
You are a poet quite as much as I,	 
Though differences appear in what we do,	 
And I an athlete quite as much as you.	 
Because you half-surmise my quarter-mile
And I your quatrain, we could greet and smile.	 
Who knows but we shall look again and find	 
The circus-man and drummer, not behind	 
But leading in our visible estate—	 
As discus-thrower and as laureate?

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