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Stacy Doris
Stacy Doris
Born in 1962, Stacy Doris is the author of several books of poetry and translations from French and Spanish...
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This' Life as a Girl
In ONE-PART Harmony...

by Stacy Doris

Though idle air filtered
boundless lands
in slimy thongs mumbling
brandished the outcrop.

"Below, where we all fall
if we're not careful, listen:
Not to mount these rough, scaled
organs, offspringing serpents,
but take me.

The old-time love-joints,
remember, ravishing?

Unravel this vacuum.  These
huge silent estates.  Quick, now
that we're running out of cups:
Tarry flesh and foul blot
these years.  I'm asking the favor

of enjoyment,
trapped and bloodless, though

So the wounds stopped, convinced.

The up-hill way home, steep
and indecisive, edged in night,
pitched and failed.  To eager an instant,
she slipped and drained off.

Yields to air, a second time,
her transparencies and openings marvelous,
she left.

He cultivated
This rock garden.

From Paramour by Stacy Doris. Copyright 2000 by Stacy Doris. Published by Krupskaya Books. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
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