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by Jen Benka

fasting in milwaukee    hunger strike protesting    investments
in south africa    army surplus jackets and white armbands 
what do we want when do we want it    end oppression 
pronounced like apart    hate the poet said before 
she fainted on stage    we were all dizzy and weak 
on the church steps    waiting for a ride 
biko tortured and murdered    we rode to the airport 
to greet donald woods who told me    I reminded him 
of his daughter    you have no idea    what is happening 
the absolute evil    that shows its face    in one land 
after the next    as they threw rocks yelling hippie dykes    
we promised each other we promised let's not let them kill us

Copyright 2011 by Jen Benka. Reprinted from Pinko with the permission of Hanging Loose Press.
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