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Donald Hall
Donald Hall
Donald Hall was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1928. He began...
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Donald Hall CD


This item is not currently available for purchase. For more information, email

1970. Introduced by George Plimpton.

This recording captures Hall's voice at a point of transformation in 1970 as he "puts aside mastery of forms for the irregular, irrational chime of imagery" (Ploughshares).

He reads substantial selections from the acclaimed The Alligator Bride and The Yellow Room--poems at once surreal and everyday--with an unmistakable, self-conscious wit. "My whole life has led me here," Hall reads from his poem "Woolworth's".

Length: 46 min.

Track List:

1. Introduction by George Plimpton
2. Introduction to "The Blue Wing"
3. The Blue Wing
4. Introduction to "The Alligator Bride"
5. The Alligator Bride
6. Introduction to "The Repeated Shapes"
7. The Repeated Shapes
8. Introduction to "Woolworth's"
9. Woolworth's
10. Introduction to "Crew Cuts"
11. Crew Cuts
12. Introduction to "The Table"
13. The Table
14. Mount Kearsarge
15. Epilogue to "Mount Kearsarge"
16. Introduction to "Happy Times"
17. Happy Times
18. Epilogue to "Happy Times"
19. The Man in the Dead Machine
20. Introduction to "The Dump"
21. The Dump
22. Lovers in Middle Age (The Young Watch Us)
23. Waters
24. Epilogue to "Waters"
25. Gold
26. Introduction to "The Beauty"
27. The Beauty
28. Epilogue to "The Beauty"
29. Untitled
30. The Knight
31. Old Lady
32. Introduction to "Rectangles"
33. Rectangles
34. [The infant cries out…]
35. Introduction to "Onion Soup"
36. Onion Soup
37. A Nose
38. Introduction to "The Snail"
39. The Snail
40. The Last Trip
41. The Radio
42. [Looking at those poems…]
43. The Alligator Groom
44. No Color Man
45. Climbing Out
46. The High Pasture
47. The Stones

Audio Clip
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