Do-It-Yourself: Paper Poetry Chains


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Link together 30 of your favorite lines of poetry—one for each day of National Poetry Month—to make a decorative paper chain for your home or classroom.

Construction paper
Tape or glue



1. Cut strips of paper (approximately 1" x 8 1/2") using a ruler to make sure they are uniform.
2. Write selected lines of poetry on each strip in marker.
3. Take one strip and bind its two ends together using glue or tape.
4. Pass the next strip through the first ring, and bind its two ends together.
5. Continue until you've linked all of your strips into one long chain of poetry.
6. Hang it up using tape or string.

7. Throughout April, tear off one link each day and have whomever selected it read the poem aloud, or simply put it in your pocket to read throughout the day.

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