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Quincy Troupe CD


April 25, 2005


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1990. Introduced by Nicholas Christopher.

In this recording that is part history lesson and part reading, Quincy Troupe reflects on the impact that blues and jazz has had on American poetry. He reads selections of his own poetry, from Snake-Back Solos, which received an American Book Award, Skulls Along the River, along with poems by the late Henry Dumas, and closes his reading with an excerpt from Miles: The Autobiography.

"We had to communicate," he said about the poet's role during the sixties, "The poems had to communicate."

Length: 63 min.

Track List

1. Introduction by Nicholas Christopher
2. Introduction to "I Laugh Talk Joke"
3. I Laugh Talk Joke (Henry Dumas)
4. from Jackhammer (Henry Dumas)
5. Epilogue to "Jackhammer"
6. Introduction to "It is Not"
7. It is Not
8. Epilogue to "It is Not"
9. Introduction to "The Day Duke Raised: May 24th, 1974"
10. The Day Duke Raised: May 24th, 1974
11. Introduction to "Four, and More"
12. Four, and More
13. Epilogue to "Four, and More"
14. Introduction to Skulls Along the River
15. Skulls Along the River
16. South Central, Vandeventer Street Rundown
17. Rivertown Packin House Blues
18. Epilogue to Skulls Along the River
19. Introduction to Miles: The Autobiography
20. from Miles: The Autobiography

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