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Love Today


When a Woman Loves a Man by David Lehman
When she says margarita she means daiquiri
Credo by Matthew Rohrer
I believe there is something else
Epithalamium by Matthew Rohrer
In the middle garden is the secret wedding
It Was Raining In Delft by Peter Gizzi
A cornerstone. Marble pilings. Curbstones and brick.
Footprint on Your Heart by Gary Lenhart
Someone will walk into your life,
San Antonio by Naomi Shihab Nye
Tonight I lingered over your name,
The Kiss by Stephen Dunn
How many years I must have yearned
corydon & alexis, redux by D. A. Powell
and yet we think that song outlasts us all: wrecked devotion
Happy first anniversary (in anticipation of your thirty ninth) by Bob Hicok
I don't have much time. I'm an important person
Fons by Pura López-Colomé
Reanimated, spirit restored,
The Ecstasy by Phillip Lopate
You are not me, and I am never you
To Dorothy by Marvin Bell
You are not beautiful, exactly
Long Distance II by Tony Harrison
Though my mother was already two years dead
The Ear is an Organ Made for Love by E. Ethelbert Miller
It was the language that left us first
Hey You by Adrian Blevins
Back when my head like an egg in a nest
My Heart by Kim Addonizio
That Mississippi chicken shack
The Love-Hat Relationship by Aaron Belz
I have been thinking about the love-hat relationship
The Emperor by Matthew Rohrer
She sends me a text
Rime Riche by Monica Ferrell
You need me like ice needs the mountain
The Meaning of Zero: A Love Poem by Amy Uyematsu
A mere eyelid’s distance between you and me
The Embrace by Mark Doty
You weren't well or really ill yet either;
syntax by Maureen N. McLane
and if
The Long Deployment by Jehanne Dubrow
For weeks, I breathe his body in the sheet
Love Poem by Graham Foust
What would pick through our shadows would tear them, too
A Tyrant Seeks Conclusion in the Known Self by Emily Kendal Frey
In California we went to the dive bar and I lost my wallet
If You Must Hide Yourself From Love by Christopher Salerno
It is important to face the rear of the train
Hotel Berlin by Cynthia Cruz
In the rooms of a run down palace
When Someone Says I Love You the Whole by Karyna McGlynn
room fills up with iced tea,   something gives:
Marriage: A Daybook by Nicole Cooley
From the window the river rinses
I Want the Certainty of Love in Another Language by Christie Ann Reynolds
You walked in like the light
Holding Pattern by Timothy Liu
Intermittent wet under