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Louise Bogan CD


April 25, 2005


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1968. Introduced by John Hall Wheelock.

A special selection of poems from The Blue Estuaries, which, in the words of John Hall Wheelock, "presents the range and diversity of her achievement over a period of nearly a half century," and he calls Bogan "one of the finest lyric poets of our time--of any time."

Theodore Roethke writes of these poems that they "keep yielding new meanings, as all good poetry should... And the best work will stay in the language as long as the language survives."

Length: 43 min.

Track List:

1. Introduction by John Hall Wheelock
2. Introduction to "Medusa"
3. Medusa
4. Introduction to "Women"
5. Women
6. Introduction to "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral"
7. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
8. Introduction to "Question in a Field
9. Question in a Field
10. Introduction to "The Dream"
11. The Dream
12. Introduction to "Italian Morning"
13. Italian Morning
14. Roman Fountain
15. Spirit Song
16. Kept
17. Death is the Tranquil Night
18. Introduction to "After the Persian"
19. After the Persian
20. Introduction to "Dragonfly"
21. Dragonfly
22. Night
23. Introduction to "St. Christopher"
24. St. Christopher
25. Introduction to "Winter Swan"
26. Winter Swan
27. The Mark
28. Introduction to "A Psychiatrist's Song
29. A Psychiatrist's Song