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April 25, 2005


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1981/1991. Introduced by Gigi Bradford & William Matthews.

Hailed by Czeslaw Milosz as "one of America's best poets," Linda Gregg dazzles her listeners with these two readings which span a decade of her work.

Reading from her highly acclaimed and recently reissued first book Too Bright to See and her third book Sacraments of Desire, with a small selection of poems from Alma and Chosen by the Lion, Gregg invites listeners into the world of her poems, which William Matthews describes in his introduction as "distinct and instantly recognizable."

Length: 66 min.

Track List:

    22 October 1981, Donnell Library

1. Introduction by Gigi Bradford
2. We Manage Most When We Manage Small
3. There She Is
4. The Poet Goes About Her in Business
5. Together in Greece
6. Growing Up
7. Introduction to "Eurydice"
8. Eurydice
9. Introduction to "The Defeated"
10. The Defeated
11. The Apparent
12. Blake
13. Introduction to "The Gods Must Not Know Us"
14. The Gods Must Not Know Us
15. This Place
16. What If the World Stays Always Far Off
17. Skylord
18. At the Gate in the Middle of My Life
19. Introduction to "Oedipus Exceeding"
20. Oedipus Exceeding
21. Alma to Her Sister

    8 October 1991, Alliance Française

22. Introduction by William Matthews
23. Greece When Nobody’s Looking (read by Mr. Matthews)
24. Glistening
25. Introduction to "Night Music"
26. Night Music
27. Introduction to "All the Spring Lends Itself to Her"
28. All the Spring Lends Itself to Her
29. Introduction to "Ahdaam Kai Ava"
30. Ahdaam Kai Ava
31. Surrounded by Sheep and Low Ground
32. Part of Me Wanting Everything to Live
33. Grinding the Lens
34. Singing Enough to Feel the Rain
35. Introduction to "The War"
36. The War
37. There Is No Language in This Country
38. Introduction to "Four Hand Improvisation #2"
39. Four Hand Improvisation #2
40. The Border between Things
41. Chosen by the Lion
42. Introduction to "The Spirit and What Is Left Behind"
43. The Spirit and What Is Left Behind
44. Demon-Catchers on Our Doors