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Li-Young Lee & Chase Twichell CD


April 25, 2005


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1992. Introduced by Jonathan Galassi.

"Won't you / turn from the window? Look at me. What do you see out there anyway?" reads Li-Young Lee from "Come." This pairing features previously unreleased work of two intense poets in the early stages of their careers. Lee reads five longer "quarrels"--one from The City in Which I Love You, which received the 1990 Lamont Poetry Prize. Twichell intermixes new poems with the poems from the haunting, philosophic Perdido--as from "Six Belons": "the succulent indecent briny ghosts / that caused this arousal, this feeding, / and now a sudden loneliness."

Length: 57 min.

Track List

    Li-Young Lee

1. Introduction by Jonathan Galassi
2. Introduction to "Nothing but Paradise"
3. Nothing but Paradise
4. Introduction to "This Hour and What Is Dead"
5. This Hour and What Is Dead
6. Introduction to "Fire and Forgetfulness"
7. Fire and Forgetfulness
8. Introduction to "The Getting Here"
9. The Getting Here
10. Introduction to "Come"
11. Come

    Chase Twichell

12. Introduction by Jonathan Galassi
13. Introduction to "Why All Good Music Is Sad"
14. Why All Good Music Is Sad
15. Introduction to "Dream of the Interior"
16. Dream of the Interior
17. Six Belons
18. Introduction to "The Blade of Nostalgia"
19. The Blade of Nostalgia
20. Introduction to "Ghost Birches"
21. Ghost Birches
22. Bear on Scale
23. Bad Movie, Bad Audience
24. A Seduction
25. Snow in Condoland
26. The Whirlpool