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Do-It-Yourself: Poem-filled Cascarones


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Make cascarones (confetti-filled eggs) to celebrate National Poetry Month. Fill yours with your favorite lines of poetry.

Cascarones are a Mexican tradition used to celebrate spring and many other holidays. Breaking them over someone's head is said to bring good luck.

Carton of eggs
Butter knife
Egg dye and/or markers
Tissue paper

Bowl (for scrambled eggs)


1. To empty the egg, poke a hole into the top of it with a thumbtack.
2. Carefully make a finger-sized hole on the other end using a butterknife or a pencil.
3. Break the yolk and pour it out, leaving just the shell.
4. Rinse the egg-shell in warm, soapy water.
5. Decorate with dye and markers.
6. Cut strips of paper with lines of poetry—thin enough so they can be slipped inside of the egg.
7. Once filled, glue a small circle of tissue paper to the bottom of the shell.

8. Make a dozen or more and celebrate National Poetry Month by breaking your cascarones over your friends' or family members' heads—showering them with poetry.

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