American Poetry Landmarks



Emily Dickinson's Home: Amherst, MAEmily Dickinson's Home: Amherst, MA
The Homestead is believed to be the first brick home built in Amherst and is the place where Dickinson spent the majority of her life.
Robinson Jeffers's Tor House: Carmel, CARobinson Jeffers's Tor House: Carmel, CA
In 1919, Jeffers began building a stone cottage overlooking Carmel Bay which he called Tor House, after the craggy knoll, or "tor" on which it was built.
Paul Laurence Dunbar House: Dayton, OHPaul Laurence Dunbar House: Dayton, OH
Dunbar lived in the Italianate turn-of-the-century house with his mother until his death from tuberculosis in 1906.
Carl Sandburg Cottage: Galesburg, ILCarl Sandburg Cottage: Galesburg, IL
Sandburg's birthplace is now maintained by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Most of the furnishings once belonged to his family.
Sidney Lanier Cottage: Macon, GASidney Lanier Cottage: Macon, GA
Though home to Lanier only in his childhood, the pastoral setting was significant enough in his imagination to influence many of his most celebrated poems.
Walt Whitman House: Camden, NJWalt Whitman House: Camden, NJ
The house has been preserved with Whitman's letters and personal belongings, a collection of rare photographs, his deathbed, and the 1892 notice of his death nailed to the front door.
The Longfellow House: Cambridge, MAThe Longfellow House: Cambridge, MA
The Longfellows and their six children occupied the house for almost forty years and entertained such houseguests as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Charles Dickens.
Theodore Roethke's House: Saginaw, MITheodore Roethke's House: Saginaw, MI
Built in 1909, just after the poet’s birth, it housed Roethke until he left for the University of Michigan in 1925.
The Frost Place: Franconia, NHThe Frost Place: Franconia, NH
During his brief residence, Frost managed to publish three highly-acclaimed books, securing his place among America’s finest poets.

James Wright's Martins Ferry, OH

James Wright's Martins Ferry, OH
"The poems of James Wright infuse his hometown of Martins Ferry, Ohio with so true an emotional core that the town has taken on an almost mythic quality."

Edna St. Vincent Millay's Camden, ME

Edna St. Vincent Millay's Camden, ME
"Atop Mt. Battie in Camden is the Whitehall Inn, where Millay recited 'Renascence' to a captivated audience."

George Moses Horton's Chatham County, NC

George Moses Horton's Chatham County, NC
"Declared the Historic Poet Laureate of Chatham County, Horton was born a slave on William Horton's tobacco plantation in 1798."

Langston Hughes's Lawrence, KS

Langston Hughes's Lawrence, KS
"In the reverse of the classic tale of a poet influenced by his surroundings, in this case it was the town that is influenced by the poet."

Homes of Elizabeth Bishop and Others: Key West, FL

Homes of Elizabeth Bishop and Others: Key West, FL
"Long before the overseas highway connected it to the mainland and cruise ships made it a regular port of call, Key West was a tropical frontier town."

Wallace Stevens's Hartford, CT

Wallace Stevens's Hartford, CT
"Stevens walked the two-mile route every day from his West End home to his office in Asylum Hill."

William Carlos Williams's Rutherford, NJ

William Carlos Williams's Rutherford, NJ
"Though schooling and travel took him far away, William Carlos Williams always returned to his hometown of Rutherford, which remained a central presence in his work."

Robert Penn Warren Birthplace: Guthrie, KY

Robert Penn Warren Birthplace: Guthrie, KY
"Though Warren spent much of his adult life outside of the South, his language and imagination were deeply rooted in the South."


The Graves of PoetsThe Graves of Poets: National
For those who visit gravesites of poets they admire, it is not about the grandeur of the spot, but about communing with the individuals.
Poets' Corner at the Cathedral Church of St. John the DivineAmerican Poets' Corner at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine: New York City, NY
Created in 1984 to memorialize American writers of the highest repute, it is modeled after a similar alcove for writers at Westminster Abbey in London.
Anne Bradstreet: Essex County, MAThe Search for Anne Bradstreet: Essex County, MA
Though there are numerous documents and portraits of her husband and father, Anne Bradstreet left only her poems behind. There is no tattered journal, no marble bust, not even a headstone.

Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, NY
Spanning the East River, between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, the architectural grace and strength of the Brooklyn Bridge has been an inspiration to artists of all disciplines.
McLean Hospital: Belmont, MAMcLean Hospital: Belmont, MA
McLean Hospital has become an unlikely poetry landmark after providing both recuperation and inspiration to Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and Anne Sexton.

Berkeley Poetry Walk: Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Poetry Walk: Berkeley, CA
"The walk is made up of 128 cast-iron poetry panels, each weighing fifty-five pounds and containing a poem."

Robert Hayden's Bus Route: Ann Arbor, MI

Robert Hayden's Bus Route: Ann Arbor, MI
"Hayden lived not far from campus; however, his severe nearsightedness made it impossible for him to drive. As a result, Hayden regularly took the #5 bus that ran along Packard Street."

California Gulch Trail: La Grande, OR

The California Gulch Trail: La Grande, OR
"A two-mile long interpretive trail that recreates the Pacific Northwest logging community of the 1800s."

Walking Tour of HarlemWalking Tour: Langston Hughes's Harlem, NY
A guided tour of literary Harlem, including homes of influential poets and poetry advocates, inspiring views, and colorful anecdotes from Harlem's own Langston Hughes.
Walt Whitman's SoHo, NYWalking Tour: Walt Whitman's SoHo, NY
A casual walk through SoHo's historic district with Walt Whitman, including architectural notes, period trivia, and other information of interest.
Edgar Allan Poe's Publishers Row, NYWalking Tour: Edgar Allan Poe's Publishers Row, NY
A poignant stroll through Edgar Allan Poe's downtown Manhattan, including one of the poet's many boarding houses and the offices of various publishers—all ending at the South Street Seaport Historical District for a glimpse at how New York appeared in 1844.

Grolier Poetry Book Shot

Grolier Poetry Book Shop: Cambridge, MA
"The Grolier is the nation’s oldest all-poetry bookstore offering in-print poetry books and poetry-related merchandise."

City Lights Bookstore

City Lights Bookstore: San Francisco, CA
"Nestled among the trattorias, strip clubs, and skyscrapers of San Francisco’s North Beach is City Lights Bookstore—not only a landmark to poetry, but also a battleground for the freedom of speech."


Woodberry Poetry Room

George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room: Cambridge, MA
"Since 1931, the Woodberry Poetry Room has collected print and multimedia poetry artifacts that rival the poetry holdings of the Library of Congress."

Marianne Moore Collection

Marianne Moore Collection at the Rosenbach Museum: Philadelphia, PA
"Includes nearly all of her manuscripts and papers, as well as family photographs, letters, artwork, and her clippings file with headers such as 'plants' and 'animals.'"


Dixon Bar

Dixon Bar: Dixon, MT
"'Home. Home. I knew it entering,' opens the poem by Richard Hugo set in Dixon Bar, the sole bar in Dixon, Montana."

White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern: New York, NY
"The White Horse holds the dubious distinction of being the place where Dylan Thomas drank his last whiskey."

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge: Chicago, IL
"Considered the birthplace of the slam movement in the U.S., the Green Mill has been a fixture of the slam scene for almost two decades."