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On Silence

R. Zamora Linmark
Is it the Garcia Lorca kind
faithful as a cricket's
tune about a boy fishing
in a pool of rainwater
for his lost voice
praying it'll sing back
so he can wear it
on his finger again
like a wedding ring?

Maybe it's the anti-parakeet
Nicanor Parra kind
remorseful as a memoir
that survived four wars
half a dozen sexually
transmitted depressions
inspired hallucinations
and a dedication to
its remaining readers
last count forty-five
asking them to burn each page
upon reading memories
it had tried to capture

unless it's the Paz kind
not Paz-be-with-you of olden
days difficult now
to digest Paz or any Zense
of peace without Belano or Bolaño
pearly-gate-crashing in an Impala
slingshooting saints out
of their poses harping
on angels reciting bad poetry
aloud anything to disturb
the last of the angry gods'
siesta atop a mountain of ashes
once rich without meaning.

From Drive-by Vigils by R. Zamora Linmark. Copyright © 2012 by R. Zamora Linmark. Reprinted with permission of Hanging Loose Press. All rights reserved.

R. Zamora Linmark

by this poet

Sunday after Mass the priest behind
the screen prescribes three Our Fathers
ten Hail Marys three Glory Be’s
for dropping ecstasy laced with cocaine
Friday cybersexing all night Saturday
with Hot&Horny35 from Denmark blond
blue-eyed swimmer’s body in search of Asian
or Latin American bottom it must’ve been