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Intensities of Emphasis and Wonder

Farrah Field
The sleeping one is erect and mumbles.
The room went Arctic overnight

and his foot peeks outside the covers.
You leave his warm slumber

five minutes before the new hour,
stomach growling, and possible

moon somewhere. There's slight moisture
still. He'll later say he saw you leave.

The day will happen soon enough—
peanut butter sandwich, dropped knife,

tote bag of graded papers.
Flossing in a colder room,

planning Jefferson myth-debunking,
washing hair—the man's sleep stretches

without boundaries, rolled to middle,
as if it were his bed, thick lashes,

even beard, and no concern for pillow.
He doesn't know it's October and you are happy.

From Rising by Farrah Field. Copyright © 2009 by Farrah Field. Used by permission of Four Way Books. All rights reserved.

Farrah Field

by this poet


I wanted to be the one who thought of truck bed walls.
You locked yourself in the bathroom
so I couldn’t brush my teeth before bed.
Where is this going and will it be successful? I hate bullies.
She’s been everywhere she even heard
the shot that killed John Lennon.
From now on I’m

You didn't win the Cyndi Lauper look-alike contest
at the skating rink. Pretending to understand 

you're in therapy. How long do you spend
thinking about women's arms.

We were supposed to do it 23 times before we broke up.
To honor the day we met.

Suddenly everyone values
at home child care
now that men do it