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Free Again [excerpt]

Joseph Lease
            Why don't people 
tell the truth—you scare people—genocide and 
how the rich got rich—even a bus shines 
differently in the light, the glowing 
splinters—why don't people talk more about 
the government and power—how do I know 
the rich can't sleep—promise me the rich can't 

From "Free Again" from Broken World by Joseph Lease. Copyright © 2007 by Joseph Lease. Published by Coffee House Press. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Joseph Lease

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                  Try saying wren.

It's midnight

in my body, 4 a.m. in my body, breading and olives and
cherries. Wait, it's all rotten. How am I


Property is death: they had a body crammed in a mailbox and it was just a brown suit with