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Born on a ranch in central Texas on August 4, 1952, Scott Hightower attended the University of Texas and Columbia University.

He is the author of Self-evident (Barrow Street Press, 2012); Part of the Bargain (Copper Canyon Press, 2005), winner of the Hayden Carruth Award for New and Emerging Poets Natural Trouble (2003); and Tin Can Tourist (2001). He has also published a bilingual collection of poems in Spanish, translated by Natalia Carbajosa.

Hightower's own translations of poems by the Spanish-Puerto Rican poet Aurora de Albornoz have garnered him a Willis Barnstone Translation Prize.

About his poetry, Marie Ponsot has said: "The most exciting quality of Hightower's work is its poetic and paradoxical unifying of emotional and intellectual depth with a marvelous quietness."

Hightower has taught at Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) and the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. He currently serves as adjunct faculty at NYU and Drew University. A former Poet-in-Residence at Fordham University, Hightower currently lives in New York City.

Apocalypse Soliloquy

Scott Hightower, 1952
I hope my death is not stolen from me
by a fiery blast of Fahrenheit or Celsius      
or another calculatable accuracy.                       

I will gladly relinquish all the pleasures of daily 
bread, the pride and dreams of art—even pulse;
but I hope my death will not be taken from me.

Actually, it is a modest policy;
little there to discuss as to solace
or in the way of privacy.

A valued moment of self-possession? Might it be
something to embrace more than to expulse?
I hope my death will not be pried from me.

My end is not to be just a cause in a public sea 
of scientists teaming against a disease,
a private point in a welter of piracy.

After all, won't it fundamentally and rightly 
be mine and no one else's? I hope my death is 
not taken from me; better, it be 
an appointment kept in a private sea.

Copyright © 2010 by Scott Hightower. Used by permission of the author.

Scott Hightower

Scott Hightower

Born in Texas on August 4, 1952, Scott Hightower is the author of Part of the Bargain, winner of the Hayden Carruth Award for New and Emerging Poets

by this poet

was a cowboy.
My father was a sugar man.
My father was a teamster.
My father was a Siberian 
tiger; a corsair; a lamb, 
a yellow dog, a horse's ass.
My father had a triple bi-pass.
My father was a rat 
but he bought me my first hat. 
My father believed in decency 
and fair play. My father drove