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American Poet: Spring 2005


Rosanna Warren A Note on Mark Strand
Mark Strand Ten Traits of Mark Strand
Kay Ryan The Poetry of Jane Hirshfield: An Appriciation
David Baker Jane Hirshfield’s Foxes
Laura Hinton and Mei Mei Berssenbrugge in Conversation
James Wright Excerpts from his Letters
Anthony Hecht a Tribute by Ernest Hilbert
Brenda Hillman on Donald Revell’s My Mojave
Andrew McCarron and Justin Jamail on James Schuyler
Mary Jo Bang on Jeff Clark’s Music and Suicide
Nathan Hill on Jackson Mac Low
Robert Pinsky, Susan Stewart, and C. K. Williams New Academy Chancellors

In Memoriam

Mona Van Duyn


Mark Strand four poems
Jane Hirshfield three poems
Kay Ryan The Museum of False Starts
David Baker Silo Oaks
Mei Mei Berssenbrugge two poems
James Wright Milkweed
Anthony Hecht three poems
Ernest Hilbert Glass of Absinthe
Donald Revel five poems
Brenda Hillman Glacial Erratics
James Schuyler Dec. 28, 1974
Jeff Clark three poems
Mary Jo Bang The Three Lies of Painting
Robert Pinsky Biography
Susan Stewart Two Brief Views of Hell
C. K. Williams The Doe
Jackson Mac Low A Lack of Balance But Not Fatal
Mona Van Duyn What I Want to Say
Russell Edson The Dark Waters
Kevin Goodan St. Francis at the Fire
Noah Eli Gordon from The Area of Sound Called the Subtone
Saskia Hamilton Divide These
Megan Johnson I am inside this flag
Dana Levin Desire
Christopher Nealon Wait Until Dark
Matthew Thorburn Honeymoon Snapshot
Jean Valentine Fears: Night Cabin
Kevin Young The Grift

Manuscript Study

James Wright The Lights in the Hallway

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