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The Glorious Thing

A Common Language

In Intervals


Where Poetry Begins

Poet at the Dance

Women of the New Gen

Forewards, Afterwards

Robert Duncan & Romantic Synthesis

A Singing Kind of Seeing

A Close Look at Frost

American Poet: Winter 2000-01


Mark Doty on Speaking in Figures
Mary Kinzie on David Ferry
Lynn Emanuel on Liz Waldner
Kimiko Hahn on Noel Sikorski
Tom Sleigh on Joshua Weiner
Susan Wheeler on Jordan Davis
Clayton Eshleman on Will Alexander


David Ferry seven poems
Liz Waldner four poems
Noel Sikorski five poems
Joshua Weiner four poems
Jordan Davis five poems
Will Alexander Song in Barbarous Fumarole of the Japanese Crested Ibis

Manuscript Study

May Swenson Little Lion-Face

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