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American Poet: Fall 2003


Marilyn Chin on Severino Reyes
Henri Cole on Spencer Reece
B. H. Fairchild on Chad Davidson
Cole Swenson on Sandra Miller
Rita Dove and Robert Mc Dowell in conversation
C. D. Wright on Tony Tost's The Invisible Bride
Robert Bly on W. S. Merwin's translation of Sir Gawain and he Green Knight
Susan Howe, Philip Levine and Heather McHugh on what they are reading


Frank Bidart two poems
Gary Snyder two poems
Ellen Bryant Voigt Largesse
Severino Reyes crossing America
Spencer Reece four poems
Chad Davidson
Sandra Miller three poems
Rita Dove four poems
Tony Tost Winter Outtakes (2)
Michael Palma two poems

Manuscript Study

Rita Dove Bolero

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