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A Celebration of Death and Life--English 223
Selected by hrbatra

This anthology is a collection of poems which I find, in their own ways, celebratory. They aim to beautify the resilience of people and show different ways in which people deal with both worldly adversity and the constant struggle against death. I think that the picture of a wilted flower is a good representation of life. Even though the flower is damaged, dying, and seems melancholy, it is still beautiful.
O Me! O Life! by Walt Whitman
Curtains by Ruth Stone
I Can Afford Neither the Rain by Holly Iglesias
The Burial by Lynn Emanuel
Immigrant Blues by Li-Young Lee
Black Petal by Li-Young Lee
Before by Carl Adamshick
The Coming of Light by Mark Strand
Assault to Abjury by Raymond McDaniel
Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens
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