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Shakespeare Love Mug


Color of Love: An Artist's Book of Poetry and Passion


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Poetry Valentines: Six Cards to Print or Email

Free cards to share by paper or screen with your sweethearts, friends, family, classmates, and co-workers. From the irreverent to romantic, they feature lines from Emily Dickinson, Andrew Marvell, E. E. Cummings, Robert Frost, Robert Desnos, and James Wright. Simply download, print, and send.

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Be Mine: Poems for Sweethearts

Woo your sweetie by pairing the perfect poem with desserts, drinks, and flowers. The irresistible combination is sure to result in wobbly knees, a melting heart, and a thoroughly smitten valentine. From lustful to sacred verse, and classic to contemporary authors, pick up a few ideas from this selection of ten poetic pairings to lure your adored one straight into your arms.

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Gladly Beyond: Poems for Love, Lust, and Loss

How better to express your feelings of love and passion on Valentine's Day than through reading and sharing a poem? Find a vast selection of poems on to court your beloved, seduce your sweetie, or bewail your ex.

Poems of Love and Romance

Poems of Passion and Sex

Poems of Heartache and Difficult Love

Poems of Breakup and Separation

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