Web Prayer for Milosz

David Wojahn

From euphoria at the blossom's destruction
in time-lapse, save us. We quicken & hiss like serpents,
our tongues flick us forward. We are studies of peritonitis
at the U.S. Forensic Death Farm in Tennessee. From the stunned
half-smiles of the decomposed, we rise. A dwarf inflates
to a giant, bloated like a Macy's float. The corpse
is arranged in Holding Area 232a: the effects
of assault rifle fire have been digitally photographed
for the muse to download for this page, an aggregate of signs
that I have fashioned with her aid. Tell me
to what end, o master. Without you words are pure convention.
Show me where the soul clings on, the Ineffable Name.
The language of the old belief, has it perished?
Keystroke, rictus, click, contusion: the apparitions gather like breath.
From World Tree by David Wojahn. Copyright 2012 by David Wojahn. Published by University of Pittsburgh Press. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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