Guessing My Death [excerpt]


by choking in
11 years
4 months
2 weeks
6 days
12:18 pm
when i win the lottery
i want my legs amputated
and two beautiful peg legs
wooden of course
Frank Sherlock says it's
a very bad idea
he says i should
i want peg legs but
he says i'll regret it
he might be right
but what i really
want is to have my
real legs (the ones
i don't want)
cremated because
what i really want
is to scatter
my own
i thought about getting
liposuction and having
the fat cremated
but it's not
the same
because i can
eat more
doughnuts and
grow it back
it doesn't count
it HAS to be
missing for
good you
but to
spread my
own ashes is something
i love thinking about
and the cheerful
sound of my
peg legs on
From A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon by CAConrad. Copyright 2012 by CAConrad. Reprinted with permission of Wave Books. All rights reserved.

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