The Book of a Thousand Eyes [Rain, queen]

Lyn Hejinian

Rain, queen
From The Book of a Thousand Eyes by Lyn Hejinian, published by Omnidawn. Copyright © 2012 by Lyn Hejinian. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Poems by This Author

Happily [excerpt] by Lyn Hejinian
The manner in which we are present at this time to and fro appears, we come to point of view before us
The Book of a Thousand Eyes [A dream, still clinging like light to the dark, rounding] by Lyn Hejinian
The Book of a Thousand Eyes [I love says the acrobat] by Lyn Hejinian
The Book of a Thousand Eyes [The Lost Pines Inn would be a good name for a motel] by Lyn Hejinian
The Book of a Thousand Eyes [To achieve reality] by Lyn Hejinian
To achieve reality
The Future by Lyn Hejinian
Unfollowed Figment by Lyn Hejinian
Useless lighthouse, and the bucket on the beach, the tattered begonias

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