Blue or Green

James Galvin

We don't belong to each other.
          We belong together.
                                                                  Some poems
belong together to prove the intentionality of subatomic particles.
Some poems eat with scissors.
                                                     Some poems are like kissing a
                   God, by the way, is disappointed in some of your recent
               Some poems swoop.
                                                   When she said my eyes were
definitely blue, I said, How can you see that in the dark?
      How can
you not? she said, and that was like some poems.
                                                                                  Some poems are
blinded three times.
                                   Some poems go like death before dishonor.
Some poems go like the time she brought cherries to the movies;
later a heedless picnic in her bed.
                 Never revered I crumbs so
            Some poems have perfect posture, as if hanging by
filaments from the sky.
                                        Those poems walk like dancers,
                      All poems are love poems.  
                                                                   Some poems are better off
           Right now I want something I don't believe in.
From As Is by James Galvin. Copyright © 2009 by James Galvin. Used by permission of Copper Canyon Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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