i am witness to the threshing of the grain

John Hoffman

i am witness to the threshing of the grain
the man of corn
from a dry oak bough
bade us to be silent in our flailing
he bade us
the understanding that pervades
the silence that is veiled
his whisper is no louder than the locust
bade us no louder
whrr chk chk
whrr whrr chk chk
flailed man threshed and scythed
hung man of the harvest
wheat bearded one
none the mistletoe on our
thus man sheared by the sun
sterile fruit of the dry oak bough
turned gently to caress
a wing of crows
and turned
and saw
and bade us to be
From Journey to the End by John Hoffman. Copyright © 2008 by John Hoffman. Used by permission of City Lights Publishers. All rights reserved.

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