Death By Wind

Gerald Stern


Poems by This Author

The Preacher [As if the one tree you love] by Gerald Stern
As if the one tree you love so well and hardly
Apocalypse by Gerald Stern
Of all sixty of us I am the only one who went
Books by Gerald Stern
How you loved to read in the snow and when your
Counting by Gerald Stern
Day of Grief by Gerald Stern
I was forcing a wasp to the top of a window
Glut by Gerald Stern
The whole point was getting rid of glut
Kissing Stieglitz Good-Bye by Gerald Stern
Every city in America is approached
Magnolia by Gerald Stern
The mayor, in order to marry us, borrowed
My Sister's Funeral by Gerald Stern
Since there was no mother for the peach tree we did it
Sylvia by Gerald Stern
The Dancing by Gerald Stern
In all these rotten shops, in all this broken furniture
The Sparrow by Gerald Stern
Here’s a common sparrow, a bit of a schnorrer

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